Chakras necklace

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Re balances the chakras

Re harmonize and balance your 7 chakras according to Buddhist beliefs

The vital and spiritual energy provided by this bracelet of the 7 chakras can allow you to harmonize your body and your mind:

Benefits of the harmonization of the chakras:
• Inner peace and spirituality.
• Improved perception.
• Stimulates self-confidence.
• Regulates the physical, mental and emotions.
• Protection around you.
• Reduction of anger and jealousy.
• Intellectual energy.
• Stability, resistance and dynamism.
• Allows progression to perfection.
• Facilitates taking responsibility.
• Guide to happiness.

-Silver accents
-Elastic rope

This bracelet is medium size for a woman. If you need a different size, contact us and we will be happy with the options available.

♥ All jewelry is made with high quality stones so that you can enjoy all of their properties. ♥ There are some variations to be expected because each stone is unique. ♥

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Beautiful handmade chakras bracelet.

Composed of natural stones