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To see life with a smile! Be happy we only have one!

Smile for life and it will smile at you too.

The smile is a symbol of strength and hope.

A small challenge; smiling at 5 different people in your day will make a big difference. It involves letting go of the cell phone a bit and looking eye to eye at the people you meet. Will you be able to.

Together make life smile a little and give hope with a simple little gesture. 

So I wanted to share this poem with you, in the hope that it will (re) make you smile or want to adopt it as your daily traveling companion!


A smile costs nothing and brings a lot.

It enriches those who receive it.

Without impoverishing those who give it.

It only lasts a moment,
But his memory is sometimes eternal.

No one is rich enough to do without

And no one is too poor not to deserve it.
It creates happiness at home.
It is the sensitive sign of friendship.

A smile gives rest to the tired being.
Encourages the most discouraged,

Console in sadness
And it is nature's antidote for all pain.

It cannot be bought, nor lent, nor stolen,
Cause it's a thing that has no value
Only from the moment it is given.

If sometimes you meet a person
Who refuses to give you the smile you deserve,
Be generous, give him yours,

Cause no one needs a smile so much
Than the one who cannot give it to others.

I send you my smile,

May he warm your soul and heart.
Receive it as a sincere gift.
I have often been criticized for giving it too much,
But I refuse to give up: I am happy!

My smile made me open more doors,

That others thought to open with anger.

Your partner in optimism, (Michel POULAERT).



Double Lovebird Collar 

smile emoji style 

Small silver rhodium plated alloy chain, length 23 "

Large chain length 28 "

Small zircon 1/2 "

Smiling emoji 1 1/2 "