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 The feather is a concept of freedom. 

Feathers belong to birds, which are especially considered free animals because of their ability to fly.
Wearing the feather collar affirms the decision to live freely or to seek freedom.
It evokes your direct relationship with the spiritual world. 
reflects your desire to stay in direct contact with your spirit guides.
Thank you to Stéphanie from the blog for this wonderful sharing and the significant explanatory description of FEATHERS .... 

Feathers are usually a sign of the presence of one of your angels or your guide.

They may simply mean that they are there near you or may provide an answer to a question you have just asked yourself.

If while walking you fall by chance on a small feather, don't forget to say "Thank you" and if you wish, you can pick up the pen at home.

Below you will find the different meanings of the different colors or kinds of feathers that you might find on your chemin

Meanings of the feathers or Signs of the Angels

White: Usual sign which means "Hello I am here, you are not alone, I am very close, everything will be fine, I protect you, I love you, I listen to you, the deceased is here".

It is also a sign of love, of purification, a meeting, a love that lasts, a shared love, purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, ritual on the Moon, etc.

Blue Awakening of psychic gifts, health, communication. Period of calm and serenity in your life, we recommend meditation. Find peace in your life, by going for a walk by the water or by meditating.

Brown / brown : Health, Stability. Serenity will be found

gray Peace, Serenity, Neutrality. Everything is on hold and you are also advised to be patient while they put things in place for you.

Yellow : Intelligence and also "Congratulations, Bravo, things are going well now"

Black : Most often found in times of crisis. "I am aware of what you are going through. I am helping and supporting you." "Too much sadness, your heart and your soul darken, do not stay like that, call me I will be there ...". Mourning approaching, release for the deceased who was in pain. 

Orange: Attraction, Energy, Success.

Pink : Love, Surprise. Your Angel is enjoying the happiness of your life and laughing with you but NEVER at you.

Red : Courage, Luck, Good fortune, Life, Passion in love. "We help you with heart problems."

Verte : Money, Fertility, Growth, Prosperity, Luck. The Angels send you the energy of healing. They help you by taking care of your spiritual and bodily well-being.

Gray or Speckled : a passing sadness and the sun will return to your heart a hundredfold and quickly ... Peace, serenity, neutrality.

Beige, Brown : You have just done a good deed and the Creator will return it to you. Wisdom ... Health, stability, home.

Feathers of several colors:

Brown and white: Happiness comes quietly

Gray and white: Hope, Balance. Your hopes will be rewarded.

Black and white: Union, Balance, Protection. Nothing is lost, the ray of hope arrives

Black and purple: Deep spirituality, Mysticism.

Green and red: Finances, money making

Blue, white and black: Change

Red and brown: Heal animals


Partridge feather : We want you harm, that you need to protect yourself as much as possible ...

Peacock feather : Justice will be done. If you are on trial, you will win. It is the pen of writers. You will receive good news by mail. This feather should not be kept in your home because it attracts the nuisance of others. The Peacock feather is compared to a Sword.

 Eagle feather : Marks eternal friendship, peace, for Native Americans is the recognition of friendly fidelity, it is sometimes three colors, light brown, white at the root and darker gray and black at the end. The Indians use it for their head, the making of wreaths, the headdresses of warriors and to show their exploits ...

A dead bird will warn you of a danger, the clarity of the bird whether it is clear or dark will be the force of the danger, if a living bird lands on your windows or terraces, feed it more often and it will come back and be auspicious.

The magpie is a thief but she must be duplicated if you meet her, "a wise Magpie is worth two" to counter a problem with another. If the Magpie is alone the problem will not be resolved immediately ...

A peacock that opens in front of you is a sign of gain and pride.

A crow announces misfortune and the wrong way, a warning of the wrong path you are taking.

Redstart, indicates the warning of an ancestral messenger or a family donation, if he returns home, a good omen.

Nightingale who sings under your windows indicates a news of love, a beautiful carnal and passionate meeting ...



Angel Wing Necklace

rope length 16.5 "

extension 2 "

wing charm

length 1 3/4 "

3/4 "width