30 Day Gratitude Challenge PDF

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Treat yourself to discover the benefits of gratitude for 30 days

This kit includes

PDF Morning Gratitude exercise
PDF Daily Gratitude Challenge
PDF Evening Gratitude Exercise Sheet
PDF e-book gratitude
PDF Gratitude Quote
PDF Mantra Gratitude

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Here Are Some Benefits Attitude Gratitude Can Bring You In Your Life
Provides a feeling of well-being, peace and comfort
Happier, more generous
Increase the level of happiness
Make more empathetic
Closer to our feelings
Promotes positive emotions
Strengthens relationships
Strengthens professional and personal ties
Improves quality of sleep
Focuses on recognition
Allows appreciation
More optimistic about life
Allows you to be satisfied with what you have
Better resistance to stress because put in solution mode
Improved health
Blocks toxic emotions (urge; resentment, regret)
Increased self-confidence
Open the doors of fullness
Beneficial to self-esteem
Increased sense of resilience to stressful life events
Provides a feeling of love, admiration and positive value

Materials: love, play to live, happiness, gratitude.