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Om earrings, Namaste earrings, Yoga earrings,

earrings are made of antique agate, aquamarine and bronze stones.

Agate: Connects to the earth, stability. Focus balance. Luck. Stone of harmony.

Very calm stone and inner peace.


Agate is a stone of anchor and luck.

The properties of agate are to bring emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages inside the body and stabilizes the energy of the physical body. Agate stabilizes the aura.

Aquamarine promotes communication, tolerance and tenderness, and increases the sense of responsibility.
It sharpens the intellect, clarifies perception and promotes studies.

calms anxiety, as well as nervous and emotional tension, to make room for inner peace.

promote communication, tenderness and develop sensitivity

aquamarine is renowned for its ability to strengthen the immune system, it has a general tonic effect

The perfect gift for any yoga lover!

These earrings measure approximately 1,5 inches including the ear wire.