INSPIRATION blue crystal earrings

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Inspired by the chakras. An inspiring jewelry for your wish of the moment accompanied by the magic crystal. Ready to sparkle!

Meaning of the color of magic crystals inspired by the Chakras:

Red: Health, prosperity, hope (I am)

Orange: Abundance, well-being (I have fun)

Yellow: freedom of choice, confidence, will, power (I do)

Green or pink: peace, love, compassion, joy (I like)

Blue: communications, creativity, integrity (I see)

Indigo: Wisdom, intuition, knowledge (I speak)

Violet: acceptance, gratitude, harmony (I understand)


Follow your style and give with heart!

Research has shown that a person can gain spiritual benefits by wearing jewelry. Thus, the world of well-being and fashion will come together. Follow your style and give with heart. The Bee collection expresses your style, your values, your causes and activates your well-being.

The Pro Bono Purchase

I buy locally, I give locally because we are rich in what we give!

Inspired by the sparkle of crystals, this pair of earrings with transparent blue crystals on gold decoration. You are now ready to sparkle!

3/4 "length