Thank you to our valued partners

A big thank you to all our partners. Without them, the project would have been a bigger challenge.  

First of all, there was a dream. That of having a store and helping women to feel beautiful and add to their value.

When she has confidence in herself, a woman can achieve so many great things.

Do you know what? Everything is possible. You just have to believe !

First, a little wink from me. The number one challenge is first of all to allow myself to come to the fore once in my life and to give myself the right to shine just like each of you. Thank you for your trust and your encouragement. It warms my heart.

Life has put extraordinary women in my path.

My daughter, my accomplice, beautiful Sabrina very young and already with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. This project is also for you who love fashion so much. Your daily support and help are precious to me. I am very proud of you. I love you so much Bella!

Véro, who for five good years has been my accomplice, the hottest and most versatile Quebec designer I know. Her fairy fingers make your dearest wishes come true. A simple wave of the wand (sending an email) and you will see your favorite outfit take on a unique and utterly WOW look! Visit his creations under the "Vero Signature" tab. You are a designer, owner of a boutique with great ambitions, we can produce your collections! I tell you! She is incredible. I dream of the day when you will be international! 

Annie, the key element of my success in this adventure. Thank you for giving me my chance and believing in me. You make a great difference in my life. Thank you for being there for me.

Marie-Ève, my little diamond, the one who is my brand ambassador and who has easily accepted to help me and have fun in this beautiful project. I am so grateful! You will have the chance to learn more because I have reserved a very special tab for it on the "Marie-Ève ​​Signature". Thank you so much my sweet friend. I wish you to climb all the peaks of the mountain!

Nathalie, my precious, dynamic and super friend. Thank you for your support, your listening and your many laughs, your great availability, your big heart and your participation in my project. I wish you had your Mercedes. Thank you for your help and for always being there for me.

Manon is my efficient and super hard-working little bee. The one behind the camera which, despite the heat, the rain, the wind or the cold, is still there and who believed in me. Thank you Manon for the jewelry photos taken. Thank you for the gossip and the many laughs! Glad to have met you and our wonderful collaboration.

Melanie the créative, the one that makes all my visual dynamic, thank you for understanding me and making beauties!

Laurie and Luce without you, your listening and your support, I wouldn't have had such an easy time getting there. A very special thank you to mom. You are so much more. 

Shop girls thank you for giving me a chance. You are precious to me!

There are also extraordinary men.

First of all Martin, the man of my life who for 20 years has been there to support me in my 1001 projects. Thank you honey for believing in me and being there for me. I love you.

Gregory and Charles-Étienne my 2 little rays of sun who in their own way, are involved in this beautiful project. Keep making my life shine. I love you and I am proud of you!

Patrick, the one who saw in me what I did not see. That pushed me beyond my comfort zone. And, who again, has ideas of grandeur that make me think ... Thank you!  

Thanks to Mathieu for being the link! The spark of this great project. You are very precious to me.

Vincenzo who is the master and king of the web! Gold bars for me. Thank you for your availability. It is so appreciated. 

Grandpa Ray, the most outstanding businessman, my mentor, thank you. My rind is now ready to receive the couane! 

And a very special thank you to you, my clients. Without your encouragement nothing would be possible!  

We only have one life to live so add one petit luxe.