Woman with a lot of passion, charisma. A natural trust that generates influence and does good in the world. We say of the intuitive woman that she is authentic; spiritual, meditative, it serves as a channel to pass certain messages. Thoughtful woman, feeling. A friend who is attentive, very empathetic. It is for her a pride and a joy to help others. She always has a reason to smile, with a disarming positivism. Each of her actions can open the heart and mind of those around her. She is an altruist, passionate. She will follow her intuition which will guide the steps of each day of her life. Woman qui is located at the level of the soul, the spirit, the psychic life. We can say of her that she is a woman of feeling. 

A little mystical at the same time, she should not take advantage of her power to put the benefit of the situation to her advantage.

Known personalities:

Ophra, Jennifer Laurence, Demi Lavato Lueyliu, Selena Gomez, Kate Midle