Des Rives Linguistique

The Linguistics program is for the student who has ease and interest in school subjects in general, mathematics, science, history, geography, but mainly in French and English with a taste for learning a third language. If the pupil likes to read, appreciates literature, has a taste for surpassing oneself? This is his program. The Linguistics program offers the possibility of making cultural trips directly linked to the school subjects taught there.

Petit Luxe offers you a special line of jewelry, designed to give students in the language program the opportunity to take a trip that will allow them to perfect what they learned at school.
Thank you for your support
Jean-Claude Rancourt
English first and second secondary
Linguistics program coordinator
Des Rives High School
Please note that all QC code models are always available, however, it is necessary to allow 10 days for the time of making because they are craftsmen from our region who make them.
Some products will have the single mention therefore non-supplyable.
Furthermore; certain products will have the mention limited quantity. So trust the number shown to know how many are left.